Abundant Life Christian Center

Raising Winners, Possessing Nations

Dr. Anthonia Adeyeye co-founded and co-pastors Abundant Life Christian Center along with her husband, Dr. F. A Adeyeye.

A scholar and educator, Dr. Anthonia Adeyeye holds a Doctor of Ministry from Ministry International Institute Tennessee. A master of science with distinction in Early Childhood & Elementary Education from Hofstra University, Uniondale, NY.  A Scientist, Dr Adeyeye has a degree in Microbiology and Virology. She is a member of Nigerian Institute of Science (NIST) and a graduate of Community Bible Institute, Brooklyn, NY

An Intercessor and anointed prayer warrior, she is blessed and endowed with a strong intercessory anointing. As a fervent intercessor, Dr. Anthonia is passionate about raising global intercessors for kingdom harvest.  Dr. Anthonia was led by the Holy Spirit to start the W.W.W.W. [Winners Women Weekend Warriors], a prayer telephone forum that holds every Saturday at 9:00pm. Women call from different states to be part of this dynamic impartation.

A prophetic woman of God with a unique anointing for discernment, Dr. Anthonia sees deep into the “yet-to-be-revealed” purpose of God!  She is a ‘life-coach’ and a “sought-after” speaker in conferences and churches all over the United States and across the globe. She is the leading lady for all A.L.C.C. golden ladies, and winning ladies. Dr. Anthonia is loved and adored by members of ALCC in return for her motherly love to all and every member of the ministry!  She is happily married to her childhood sweetheart, Dr. Festus Adeyeye , they are blessed with many children.