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Raising Winners, Possessing Nations

Need help to grow your ministry?

As a member of PTNMA, you have an opportunity to learn ‘best practices’ from fellow ministers:

Learn Wisdom, as a member you have access to the wisdom of more experienced pastors and ministers to help you develop your ministry and possess nations for Christ.

Get Guidance and oversight to enrich your current ministries and help you develop new programs that will benefit your congregation and impact your community.

Accelerate Growth, members of PTNMA are continually challenged to grow and develop, both personally and in ministry. Meetings and programs are offered to help members in their overall growth and development.

New Insights can be gained as new members join PTNMA and share their perspectives and insight on Possessing Nations for Christ.


Our Vision

Possessing The Nations Ministerial Association (PTNMA) is a non-denominational Christ-centered organization with an agenda to provide wisdom, guidance and oversight to enrich and accelerate the growth, development and impact of its member ministries. It is a network of ministers who are committed to taking the Word of God beyond the walls of the church in order to subdue and possess nations with the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

PTNMA provides Pastors and Ministers of like precious faith and those who sense a spiritual connection with the vision, a covenant network for the advancement of the kingdom of God in our generation. PTNMA believes that ministry goes beyond preaching to congregations inside a building. We are sent to possess and subdue nations with the message and the wisdom of the kingdom of God. PTNMA humbly embark on this task with great anticipation that God will establish Pastors and non-pastoral ministers in PTNMA as it pleases Him.


Our Members

PTNMA is open to men and women who are Pastors, and those who head functional non-church ministries. It is open to those who are in agreement with our tenets of faith, and are ready to function with excellence, those who are committed to integrity as stipulated in the Holy Scriptures. PTNMA exercises no ecclesiastical, governance, or administrative control over any of its member ministries. PTNMA will provide wise counsel and oversight to member ministries upon their request.

Membership Benefits

PTNMA creates a forum to pool Kingdom resources to help develop the potential of, and maximize the productivity of all member ministries.

PTNMA is an excellent resource center where members can obtain information and assistance on various aspects of ministry.

PTNMA Members, working together to help each other grow, as we Possess the Nations for Christ.

Working Together to Help Eachother Grow

Ministry registration, and assistance in attaining 501c3 status

Proper accounting system that meets IRS standards.

Ordination and licensing of Ministers and Ministries.

Ministerial conferences and workshops on cutting edge issues in ministry.

Church growth strategies, discipleship structures (The Leadership of 12).

Church leadership structure.

Minister and spouse annual retreat.

Regular fellowship with other ministers to develop sound relationships with other ministers and ministries.


PTNMA meets bi-monthly in designated locations (normally in churches of our members)

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