Abundant Life Christian Center

Raising Winners, Possessing Nations

New Dimension Choir

The New Dimension Choir is responsible for:

Leading the congregation in meaningful areas of praise & worships, music, songs and dance. 

Educating the congregation on attitude and understanding of song, dance and music in Church. 

Allowing the Holy Spirit to use us as vehicles of truth to bring salvation through Jesus Christ, with the foremost goal being “Bringing Glory and Honor to God.”

Winners Academy

Winners Academy ministers to children ages 1-16 years old. ALCC children are raised to take a stand for the Lord among their peers. “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”- Proverbs 22:6

At Winners Academy, a conducive, anointed, and godly environment is provided to train & educate the ‘Total Child’ –Spirit, Soul, & Body. Children are motivated, impacted, and stimulated as they journey through the Bible.

Winners’ Academy is divided into 3 units:

Winners’ Academy Unit 1: Ages 4-7

Winners’ Academy Unit 2: 8-16

Youth of Godly Attitude (YOGA): 13-16

Winners’ Academy Unit 1 & 2 Meeting Days:

 Fridays:   7:00pm –   8:30pm

 Sundays: 8:30am – 10:15am, 10:45am – 12:30pm

NOTE: Winners House Academy provides these services to members and parents/guardians attending theses services only.


Ushering is a part of the church ministry in kingdom building that allows its members to operate in the gift of serving. The Ushering Department is established to enhance the church service by proper direction and seating of those who enter the House of God for worship, as well as to assist in maintaining order during services

Information Technology

The IT department will oversee all the Information Technology systems of the church and be responsible for migrating manual systems into IT systems.

Men By Choice

Being a male is by birth, but becoming a man is by choice. Your life is a byproduct of the choices you make. Join this dynamic, thought provoking group of men as you journey in the adventure of life.

Men’s Weekly Prayer Teleconference

Every Wednesday @ 9:00PM

Prayer Teleconference number: 1-712-775-7035 [Access #:256864#].

All Men are asked to be a part of the weekly prayer teleconference.

Health and Fitness

If you are already committed to a healthy lifestyle, or you are embarking on a lifestyle change, then this is the program for you. You will improve your health, energy level, and overall wellness.

Fitness classes are held every Wednesday at 7pm and Saturday at 10am

Venue: SAVVY Lounge

Care Givers 1 @ ALCC

[Provides loving support to mothers after delivery, as needed]

This hospitality care givers are readily alert and available to assist members with new babies.  Care givers help in bathing the babies and praying with the families .Romans 12:13, Contribute to the needs of God’s people [Sharing in the necessities of the saints]; pursue the practice of hospitality.

  • Call the church office if you need the services of this department on : 718 566 2601, EXT 2


[Provides care, love, assistance to members going through health, family, and other challenges]

This hospitality department is the extension of God’s hands, love, and presence to members going through different family challenges. Care givers conduct home, hospital and court visits [When necessary] to ALCC members.  Isaiah 43: 2, when you pass through the waters, I am with you. 1Peter 4:9, Show hospitality to one another, be hospitable, especially to those in the household of faith. Galatians 6:10.

  • Call the church office if you are a member and you need the services of these care givers.
  • Call 718-566-2601, EXT 1

Golden Ladies

Do you fall within the age bracket 50-64?  Then you are a Golden lady.

Join other Golden ladies every other month at the multipurpose room after the second service. (Sunday March 23, Sunday May 4, Sunday July 6 and Sunday September 7)

For further inquiries, contact the Membership Care office at 718-566-2601 Ext. 1.

Rubies and Diamonds

Are you between the ages 65 and up?

Join other ALCC members in this age range on the following Saturday of the month [Jan 11, and April 12].

Lots of hands-on, fun activities, trips, and seminars are lined up for the summer.

Contact the church office for further details at: 718 566 2601 EXT .1

Single With A Purpose (SWAP)

Ecclesiastes   3:1 ‘To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven’


The main goal of the ministry is to help each single maximize the present moment and at the same time, locate and fulfill the purpose of God for their lives.


  • To help the singles in ALCC attain spiritual maturity while in the state of singleness.
  • To help the singles to maximize this unique phase of life
  • To stand out and make a difference in their generation
  • To help them gain victory over low self esteem, discouragement and disappointment
  • To help them discover God’s blue print and purpose for their lives
  • To help them overcome peer pressure, challenges and temptations of singleness
  • Networking, fellowship and to socialize with one another
  • To be able to evangelize and witness to peers and influence them positively for Christ

Youth of Godly Attitude (YOGA)

Establishing a firm foundation in the lives of our youth is very critical and uppermost in the hearts of God and of ALCC leadership. The ALCC youth ministry YOGA (Youth of Godly Attitude) ages 13 to 16, provides a forum and an atmosphere where youths can:

Openly worship and fall in love with God.

A forum to instill biblical morals into the lives of the youth, through love, practical teachings of God’s word and corrective actions.

Youths within these age range meets under the leadership of seasoned leaders for various practical workshops, intense worship, youth services. and bi-weekly YOGA café.

Join YOGA for life changing, spirit filled and fun packed bi-weekly café on the 2nd and 4th Friday in January, February, March and April. Come with questions on various issues of life. You are guaranteed to leave with satisfactory answers.

Saved And Victoriously Vibrant Youth (SAVVY)

Join us as we hang out together with other youths to worship God & be empowered with the relevant Word in a free and creative atmosphere. There is Christian Poetry Slams, Christian Rap Music, Christian Dance and stuff that cultivates our creativity and also glorify GOD. We also hold practical discussion on issues that affect our lives as youths.

Have you heard about the three D’s? Come and learn the strategies to:

Discover your potential

Develop your potential & Deploy your potential

SAVVY CAFÉ: A time for practical discussion on various life applicable issues. Every 1st Friday of the month at 7pm:

SAVVY/YOGA Combined Youth Service: Every last Sunday of the month at 11:00am -12:30pm (February 23rd, March 30th and April 27th)

SAVVY Prayer Line: Every Thursday at 9pm.

Teleconference number: 218-632-8062,

Pin: 964367#.

Possessing The Nations Ministerial Association (PTNMA)

Need help to grow your ministry?

As a member of PTNMA, you have an opportunity to learn ‘best practices’ from fellow ministers:

Learn Wisdom, as a member you have access to the wisdom of more experienced pastors and ministers to help you develop your ministry and possess nations for Christ.

Get Guidance and oversight to enrich your current ministries and help you develop new programs that will benefit your congregation and impact your community.

Accelerate Growth, members of PTNMA are continually challenged to grow and develop, both personally and in ministry. Meetings and programs are offered to help members in their overall growth and development.

New Insights can be gained as new members join PTNMA and share their perspectives and insight on Possessing Nations for Christ.


Our Vision

Possessing The Nations Ministerial Association (PTNMA) is a non-denominational Christ-centered organization with an agenda to provide wisdom, guidance and oversight to enrich and accelerate the growth, development and impact of its member ministries. It is a network of ministers who are committed to taking the Word of God beyond the walls of the church in order to subdue and possess nations with the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

PTNMA provides Pastors and Ministers of like precious faith and those who sense a spiritual connection with the vision, a covenant network for the advancement of the kingdom of God in our generation. PTNMA believes that ministry goes beyond preaching to congregations inside a building. We are sent to possess and subdue nations with the message and the wisdom of the kingdom of God. PTNMA humbly embark on this task with great anticipation that God will establish Pastors and non-pastoral ministers in PTNMA as it pleases Him.


Pacesetters Leadership Institute (PLI)

Pacesetters Leadership Institute (PLI) is one of the leadership training ministries under the arm of Drs. Festus and Anthonia Adeyeye.

The following questions are answered at PLI:

Are leaders born, made or as a result of accidental occurrence?

Do you know that the dominion mandate is a leadership mandate?

At PLI, you will DISCOVER, DEVELOP and DEPLOY your leadership potential.

Semester topics include:

Understanding and becoming a global leader

Maximizing your leadership potential

Becoming a leader others want to follow (Self leadership)

The 12 rules of Self-leadership

Developing Life Goals

Developing Effective Leadership Attitude

Time management

Director and Coach