Abundant Life Christian Center

Raising Winners, Possessing Nations

Thank you father for your faithfulness over my life and that of ALCC family. I boldly declare that 2019 is my year of DOMINION AND GLORY. It is my year of double honor and double restoration. I declare that throughout this year, I will experience new levels of manifestations. This is the year that I will be helped by God in every aspect of my life. This is my year of supernatural personal breakthroughs 
Because I serve the living God who has the master key of life, I decree and command access to the treasury and treasures of heaven and the earth this year and beyond. I boldly decree that wherever I go this year, I shall rule and reign.
I boldly declare that I have access to opportunities for wealth creation and access into receiving and enjoying the best of the land. I decree that I have access to all the resources needed for the fulfillment of my mandate in the land. By the grace of God I have access into the hidden riches of the earth. I shall eat in plenty and be satisfied. God’s hand will make provision for me.

Because I serve the living God who closes and no man can open, I decree that the doors of sorrow, calamity, and adversity are closed permanently in my life this year and beyond. Messengers of sorrow will not visit my household. I boldly declare that every year to year problem is buried. Every stronghold of oppression is shattered for my sake this year.
As I set my heart to obey God, the Lord will set me on high. He will lift me above all nations. God will bless me in my coming in and going out. I shall be blessed in the city and in the market place. I shall be blessed with the fruit of my body, the fruit of my mind, the fruit of my mouth, the fruit of my hands, and the fruit of my spirit. God’s good treasure and heavens are opened unto me today and forever. God’s rain of favor is poured out upon my destiny at every season. Glory and honor shall be my portion.

By the favor of God at work in my life, helpers of destiny are compelled to assist and get involved in my life today and forever. Men and women will use their positions, power, and resources to advance my destiny. Throughout this year 2019, I shall experience personal breakthroughs on every level. I receive preferential treatment and I have special privileges because I am God’s favored child.
This is the year the Lord shall establish my dominion mandate on the earth. I boldly walk in great authority, power, grace, majesty and dignity. I shall walk in righteousness and no sin will reign in my life. Every moment of 2019 shall be wisely utilized for the glory of God and for my benefits in Jesus name.

By reason of the Abrahamic covenant blessing, I always experience divine health, divine wealth, divine peace, divine lifting and promotion. I have an increase of assets especially in real estate and in every area of my desire. My bills are paid and all my debts are supernaturally canceled.

Thank you father for these benefits and much more that I greatly enjoy today and always in Jesus name.